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chavezs-mods thanks!^^
Chavez Chavez20.11.2011
SHEFIELD no problem man ;)
chavezs-mods sorry but I didn't get a message about your comment before ^^ i guess it was a server problem.
Chavez Chavez20.11.2011
SHEFIELD I waited for an answer more than a year xDD
chavezs-mods thank you. as i said before, i try to do my best !
Chavez Chavez20.11.2011
chavezs-mods yeah.. I had here my old settings but anyway thanks for comment.
Chavez Chavez20.11.2011
chavezs-mods You have just to match your settings to your PC performance and it will work
Chavez Chavez20.11.2011
chavezs-mods thank u !
Chavez Chavez19.02.2011
TIPPER85 GTA 4 vs. NFS Most Wanted. Who will ....!!!Excellent shot  :0)
Александр Коренев19.02.2011
chavezs-mods thank you so much! comments like this one means a lot for me  :)
Chavez Chavez08.02.2011
Aventor I love your screenshots)))
chavezs-mods thank u very much !
Chavez Chavez23.12.2010
chavezs-mods thanks!
Chavez Chavez23.12.2010
chavezs-mods thanks mate !
Chavez Chavez15.11.2010
chavezs-mods :) thanks
Chavez Chavez15.11.2010
Guffigio Beautyfull screenshot!
Guffigio The best!!!
chavezs-mods thank u Jon
Chavez Chavez14.11.2010
Jon13 nice man
Chavez Chavez13.11.2010
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