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"Azerbaijan and Egypt friendship bridge"

7 November/2011 in Cultural center of Arabic Republic held an event under the title of "Azerbaijan and Egypt friendship bridge".The Ceremony was opened by Parvin efendi the collaborator of the departament of "Arabic countries and their histories', the chief of Egypt cultural center , professor M.E.Z.the ambassador of Egypt arabic republic in Azerbaijan made a great speech.The honorable guest of the ceremony M A. international journalist , an editor-in-chief of" Azerbaijan magazine"which published in Cairo in arabic language,talked about the importance of the relationships between two countries which he also touched upon in his journal.In The main part of the ceremony the chief of "Child painting gallery" and collaborator of "Painters Union" Aldeniz babayev,the owner of"Esmeraldo studio" Esmira taqizade declared the exhibition open and invited all the guests for contemplating to the pictures.Then all the members of the ceremony listened east shortishes in the performance of the "Ummi"music group ,and contemplated the national and arabic dances in the performance of "Mayuri" dance group.The representatives of the other arabian embassies also attended in the ceremony. In the end Azerbaijan arabian network was thanked for it's support ,and the winner painters awarded with diplomas for their paintings.
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