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Egyptian "Wel ya Wel" present: Goha and Fattora in Baku

Egyptian "Wel ya Wel" present: Goha and Fattora in Azerbaijan State Pupper Theatre named after Abdulla Shaig In 2004, a troupe of enthusiastic puppeteers - under the leadership of the Egyptian young professional Specialist and Director Mr. Walid Badr - has founded Wel Ya Wel workshop to produce bunch of children educational programs using the marionette animal and characters puppets, entering the field of big human puppets shows also; especially designed for children and for the presentation of TV shows. Over the past two years, Wel Ya Wel troupe created and performed the educational marionette show of Goha we Fatora. About "Goha and Fatora": The play about lazy Zaazoaa, son of the governor. His father orders all the wise men and scientists to solve the problem, but in vain. But Goha has a solituon: to take Zaazoaa to his home where he met with Gamila-Goha`s daughter. She was making a doll out of their breakfast an named her Fatora (breakfast). Day I: Zaazoaa refused to share their breakfast but things have changed the second day. He wanted to help Gamila preparing Fatora and to eat with her. On the third day Zaazoaa started making breakfast for the whole family. He even participated in playing sports and showed to be very active. It was having breakfast behind all the change. The governor overwhelmed with Zaazoaa`s change gave his order: Goha, Gamila and Bahbah will be responsible for breakfast to all children at scholls or at home. Director: Walid Badr Composer: Dr. Tarek Mahran Puppets: Ayman El Gazwy Songs: Shawki Khames Writer: Seham Naser www.welyawel.com info@welyawel.com P.S.
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