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Jody Bergsma

Jody Bergsma is an internationally acclaimed artist from Bellingham Washington, where she operates two Bergsma Galleries. She also has an Online Art Gallery at http://www.bergsma.com, where selections of her work can be viewed. She has authored and illustrated at least three children's books titled "Faerie", "Dragon" & "The Little Wizard". In addition, she has illustrated books by other authors including "The Right Touch", "Dreambirds" & "Sky Castle". The name of her personal publishing company is Gallery Press Publishing, Inc. which is located at 1344 King Street in Bellingham, WA 98229 The Plate Lady is delighted to be able to offer a limited number of Jody's Limited Edition Art Plates to her gift shopping customers. She also offers a limited quantity of Jody's Fairy Figurines, picture frames, and trinket boxes from her Natural Elements Collection on our Fairy Figurine page. Jody was born in Bellingham and raised on the shores of Lake Whatcom. She began drawing at the age of 3. Her early works were inspired by her dreams, a quality that has carried over and developed into her extraordinary style. At the age of 14 she sold her first two paintings in a local shoe store, where she later worked and designed window displays. After that she began selling her paintings at outdoor art sales around the Northwest. By her 20th birthday she had already earned a loyal following. Her watercolors are highly sought after by collectors. Jody releases two art collections each year : the "Dreamkeepers" collection is released in the spring, and the "Natural Elements" collection is released in the autumn. For inspiration, Jody studies wildlife, as well as native myths and symbols, that she adeptly transfuses into her unique style. Most of her art work includes ethereal native imagery, big-eyed children, unicorns, fairies, dragons, and animals of every sort. Jody Bergsma's art is truly the stuff dreams are made of.
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