Выездной фотограф Amelia Rose

Выездной фотограф Amelia Rose

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This story is about one guy. His name is Cyril. At the moment he is 25 years old. But I know him since the 10th grade. I saw how he came and talked with one boy. It was a long time ago, almost 10 years ago. Cyril was 16 years old at that time. But at that moment I hadn't felt such feelings for him as now. One day I saw him in the photo. He matured and became even more courageous than before! I seriously became interested in him! I understood that my feelings for Cyril intensified. I realize that I am seriously in love with him and I want his soul to be with me. I wanted to feel his passion on myself. I wanted that he touch me and give me caress! One evening I thought about him and in my dream I felt that someone came to me and started to tickle me. But I didn't know for sure, was it Cyril or not. But I guessed that it was he. I was very pleased that he didn't reject my feelings and came to me! But I was interested to see him with my own eyes and hear his voice. Once I decided to write him a frank note with a declaration of love. After he read my note, Cyril came to me in my dream and began to pester. At first I felt that he was snuggling up to me. He said something for a long time but I couldn't understand everything. Then he laughed devilishly. And I said him: "Cyril, I'm sorry, I love you very much!" Then he began to caress me gently. Some time has passed. Then I began to feel that he let me go and began to leave. I woke up and was completely excited. I believed that it was he who came to me and gave me all these caresses! It's obvious that we complement each other! But then after a while my feelings for him faded. Love is like fire, it burns with flame and fades gradually.
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