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the Average Walk-In Closet Size: Standard Widths The standard width of a walk-in closet is at least 5 feet but may range up to 8 feet or more. At 5 feet, the closet is wide enough to contain a set of closet rods with 24 inches of minimum width for the hanging clothes, and 3 feet of walking space. Most people need about 3 feet of space to walk and move around comfortably. Any smaller and the space would feel too cramped to be called a walk-in closet. This size allows for a limited amount of storage, however. Standard Lengths Most walk-in closets that are 5 to 6 feet wide are at least 5 or 6 feet long. This means the total space is on average 6 feet square. With these dimensions, there is room to hang two sets of double closet rods on one wall, or a set of double closet rods along one wall and larger shelves along the other. If you need lots of storage for clothes, closet rods on each of the three walls besides the wall with the entry door is another option.
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интерьер мечты walk-in-closets
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