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October is slightly cool-your daughter is so charming

Seeing that her father looked at her suspiciously, and her cousin was expressionless and did not say much, she finally said, "You.." You bully people! Smile with the bell: "Bully?"? Isn't this all for your sake? Cher, I'm a little confused when you say that. Lan Xue blushed and twisted for a long time, and finally shouted, "I want to marry Pei Qian." And the bell long "Oh", laughed out: "To marry Pei Qian ah!" Learn her voice, but there is a thick tease in it. Lan Xue's eyes wandered and she said with a guilty conscience, "I.." I know his true face, can not let him harm others, I am a good girl, the most is to know the sacrifice of one of me, the truth of happiness. Me? I'm just going to have to get engaged to him. Such a bad man will suffer losses if others look for him. He Ling smiled, "But I hope Cher will be happy. I won't let you suffer losses. We'd better not want him.". "Uncle, you'd better refuse tomorrow." Lan Dafu said with a straight face, "You're right." Lan Xue finally could not help but stamp his feet: "I like him, like him, like him like him!"! You are so bad! Run out directly, Qiaoyue smiled and chased out. 259 | Finale Countdown 3 There are a lot of things recently,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, but in fact, there are still a lot of happy things, at least this is one, everyone did not think of, the Northern Qi Dynasty Confucian Mr. Pei yuan's eldest son Pei Qian was engaged with the merchant woman, although many people say that Pei Qian must be interested in the relationship between the queen is so, but there are still many people feel envious. A merchant woman can marry a handsome playboy like Pei Qian, so what else can't happen! Anything is possible. But Pei Qian himself seemed to have nothing to do. But we think carefully,Time Delay Faucet, suddenly feel, maybe fawning on the queen is right, you see, the two people around the emperor, his cousin Gao Zhixin will marry the queen's cousin Li Meng in autumn, and the same, the emperor's brother Pei Qian will marry the queen's cousin. This round and round, always a family, who can not escape the appearance, but I do not know whether it is the queen Wang Huang, or the emperor Wang Queen, but these are now no one said much. He Ling saw that Lu Han was very busy these two days, so he stewed Qibao porridge to see him. When he heard that He Ling was coming, Lu Han really felt warm all over. He hurriedly said, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel toilet, "Let the queen come in quickly." He led her into the door and saw Lu Han looking at her with a smile. "What is this?" She said angrily. "What do you mean by looking at me like this?" Lu Hanyao: "It doesn't mean anything. I'm just happy to see you coming." Then he took Heling's hand and sat down. Heling looked at the tall file and said with emotion, "You are really busy. Why don't you go out separately?" Lu Han didn't think there was anything wrong with saying this to He Ling. He said, "I can't do it for the time being. You know, when I first came to Dabao, I didn't know much about many things. If I started as a shopkeeper, it would be easy to be deceived. Naturally, I have to be familiar with it for a few years and know everything before I can put it down.". But you can rest assured that sometimes Pei Qian will come to help me. He Ling understood this truth. She patted Lu Han on the shoulder and said earnestly, "You can't finish these things. You should also pay attention to your health. If you let me be widowed, I will let grass grow near your grave." Lu Han shone his eyes on He Ling's head and said, "I'll beat you if you're talking nonsense." And Ling Jiao Chen: "Can you beat me?"? I'll poison you. The little eunuch listened to the situation of the two men and felt frightened. It was really impossible to judge a man by his appearance. But Lu Han did not care, laughing: "I suddenly thought, I am not good, you will not be good, our fate is linked together, so I comforted." He Ling Yi Jiong thought of this and pouted, "It seems that I don't have a chance to sit on the empress Dowager.". It's so bleak. ” Lu Han laughed and said, "Yes, you don't have this chance. Are you sad?"? Sad, huh? But there is no way! The little bell just can't be the empress Dowager. If I die, the little bell will hang up. Although it's a little wicked, I think it's quite brilliant to die on the same day as you in the same year. He Ling: "Hehe!" Sneer! Lu Han propped up his chin and looked at the bell. "Your smile is not very friendly!"! I said little bell! Without waiting to finish, he thought about it and waved his hand back: "You go down, and I will communicate with the queen." The little eunuch immediately withdrew. Lu Han looked at the bell in this way. When he had looked enough, he said slowly, "I received a gift today." He Ling glanced at Qibao porridge and snorted coldly, "I gave it to you." Knowing that she had misunderstood, Lu Han shook his head and said with a smile, "No, not this." And the bell Yi, puzzled. Lu Han got up and went to the desk. He pulled out an envelope and handed it to He Ling. He Ling opened it and looked at it. He was stunned and half rang. He asked, "Did Mei Jiu write this for you?" Lu Han nodded, "look down." Get Lu Han's instruction, and the bell looked at the content. # Lu Han, my dearest brother, no, perhaps my most hated brother, if there is a next life, I hope we will never see each other again. Although we have a blood relationship that we can't give up, your father happens to be the murderer who destroyed my family. And you, you are both my family and my enemy. I have wondered countless times whether I should obey my mother's last wish and love you. I want to, but I don't want to. People are always contradictory. In the face of many contradictions, I decided to compromise. By the time you read this letter, I must be dead. But you can rest assured that I died at ease, and I did all I wanted to do. Everyone in the Xiao family, except you, except you and the dog emperor,Concealed Flush Valve, will die. All my enemies are dead, too, and I can't help but rejoice at the thought. cnkexin.com
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