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A great biography of Dong Zhuo of the Three Kingdoms

When Zhou Yu hurriedly organized more than 20 ships five tooth warships, sun quanjun water village outside the ship has been completely broken through, Dong zhuojun warships completely rushed into sun quanjun water village, even used to carry troops Dong zhuojun mother-and-son warships, also joined the water war, only the mother-and-son warships carrying food still stay in the distance, protected by some warships, The two armies, totaling more than 10,000 large and small warships, rushed back and forth on the water surface of the Yangtze River for dozens of miles, rushing to kill and collide endlessly. In ancient Chinese water warfare, because the river and the lake were not as wide and boundless as the sea, water warfare was mainly based on collision, bow and arrow shooting and hand-to-hand combat on enemy ships. The requirement for warships was that the bigger and stronger the better, unlike the ancient Greek warships, which pursued flexibility, Dong Zhuojun's mother-and-son warships almost became invincible in collision warfare. In particular, Kang Peng's flagship -- can carry more than three thousand people in the Chang'an, but also the super monster in the collision war, Sun Quanjun's largest warship to the front of the Chang'an, also can only become a paper toy, was hit by the Chang'an that is sinking, make the place where the Chang'an to, dense as thick porridge of the river immediately squeezed out a large piece of open space, whether it is Sun Quanjun or Dong Zhuojun's warship, Dare not slightly block the Chang'an. Zhou Yu guessed that Chang'an was the flagship of his rival in love, but Zhou Yu didn't have the courage to lead the five-tooth warship to besiege Chang'an, not to mention that there were countless Dong Zhuojun warships beside Chang'an to protect it, that is, there was no protection,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and the toothless warship could not break Chang'an for a while and a half, and a collision of Chang'an could knock the five-tooth warship upside down. Zhou Yu stared at the number of Lian Po, from the beginning of the fierce battle, Sun Ce's number of Lian Po was the blade of Dong Zhuojun's sword! Sun ce, who wanted to avenge his father, was particularly brave in the battle. He personally commanded the Lian Po, which had sunk more than ten Sun Quanjun warships of different sizes. The Sun Quanjun warships there were dense, and Sun ce commanded the Lian Po to go there and kill them. Seizing the opportunity, Zhou Yu shouted, "Six miles to the left, the enemy's five-toothed battleship command ship,304 Stainless Steel Bar, surround it a thousand!" Torch shaking, more than twenty sun quanjun five teeth warship sail turned the rudder, in the melee abruptly rushed out of a road, QiBen Lian Po number, and kill red eyes of sun ce do not escape, see Zhou Yu warship to torch command battle, also know that this is the flagship of sun quanjun five teeth warship, not only not idle, but to meet up, want to fight alone with Zhou Yu's warship! Kang Peng in the distance has been paying attention to sun ce, worried about the future son-in-law revenge is too impulsive, more worried about the son-in-law because of the brotherhood to the enemy, see sun ce is about to be surrounded by Zhou Yu battleship, Kang Peng dare not neglect, shout loudly, "turn the rudder southeast, to save Lian Po number!" While the giant Chang'an was still clumsily turning its head on the surface of the water, Zhou Yu's battleship and Sun Ce's battleship had already collided with each other. There was a loud crash. Zhou Yu didn't expect that Lian Po would dare to take the risk alone. He couldn't dodge. Lian Po and Zhou Yu's warship broke through the bottom of each other's ship at the same time. Sun Ce, regardless of the fact that the bottom of the ship was already flooded, shouted, "Hit it again and prepare for hand-to- There was a loud noise again. Lian Po and Zhou Yu broke off one after another. The two ships were next to each other. Sun Ce picked up the ancient ingot knife left by his father and shouted, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "Kill!" The first to jump on Zhou Yu's warship, Lian Po's sailors followed one after another-it was impossible not to jump. Sun Quanjun's five-tooth warship had completely surrounded Lian Po, and the clapping pole fell. After a few loud noises, Lian Po, which had made brilliant contributions, sank completely. Dong Zhuojun's sailors who had no time to jump on Zhou Yu's warship died except for a few swimmers who escaped. Dazed by hatred, Sun Ce did not care to consider his command mistakes, but carried the ancient ingot knife back and forth on Zhou Yu's warship, which had been tilted into the water, and slashed Sun Quan's sailors. Every time he cut a knife, he shouted, "Zhou Yu's children!" As if the sailors are Zhou Yu's doppelganger, and sun quanjun sailors are busy jumping ship to escape, just dodge sun ce, not with sun ce desperate fight. When Sun Ce was rushing to kill him, he suddenly saw a team of Sun Quanjun hurriedly running down from the ship, one of whom was very much like Zhou Yu. Sun Ce was overjoyed and rushed over single-handedly, regardless of organizing the sailors. Zhou Yu on the ship to see sun ce early, Zhou Yu has a ghost in the heart, dare not with sun ce positive opposite, want to take the chaos to escape on another warship, continue to command the battle, only to be seen by sun ce, sun ce cut down several Zhou Yu QinBing, finally stopped in front of Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu, it's you! Sun Ce wanted to breathe fire with his eyes. Grasping the ancient ingot knife, he shouted, "I treat you closer than my own brother. My father promoted you personally. Where is my Sun family sorry for you?"? Why did you kill my father? Zhou Yu stepped back and clenched Kang Peng's ghost-headed sword, which he had snatched from Maicheng. "Nonsense," he argued. "When will I kill my master?"? Master is dead in the hands of the thief Dong, is clearly you covet the daughter of the thief Dong beauty, jackals for the tiger, joint thief Dong to slander me! When Zhou Yu and Sun Ce answered, Xu Sheng had completely surrounded Sun Ce with Zhou Yu's Qinbing. Sun Ce, still fearless from the tight encirclement, snapped, "Shameless!"! What do you say about General Huang? Why did you send someone to Jiangxia to kill General Huang? If you are not guilty of being a thief, why bother to kill the old general Huang of your buttons? Just as Zhou Yu was about to quibble again, Sun Ce, who was red-eyed with anger, brandished his knife and said, "Zhou Yu's son, return my father's life!" Zhou Yu know sun ce fierce, urgent raise knife to meet, ancient ingot knife and ghost head knife is a sword, who also cut constantly who, two knife collision, sparks, the sound of gold and stone hurt eardrum, sun ce missed a hit, is furious, ancient ingot knife again, Zhou Yu busy and parry, at this time Xu sheng and others also came up, more than ten handle sword or cut or stab, straight to take sun ce, sun ce drink loudly, The body turned sharply like a top, only to hear the constant crash of gold and iron, Xu Sheng and other people's knives and guns were instantly cut off by the ancient ingot knife. Zhou Yu, is it worth selling your soul for a woman? Sun Ce cursed loudly and then brandished his knife to kill Zhou Yu. When he mentioned Xiao Qiao, Zhou Yu, who had felt guilty just now, rushed to the bullfight and cursed, "Sun Ce's son, you are not for a woman!" Rage, Zhou Yu's ghost head sword not only open sun ce's ancient ingot sword,304 Stainless Steel Wire, but also reverse knife to stab sun ce, and once as close as a brother friend, to fight for life. sxthsteel.com
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